Course Instructor


Course Schedule

22 - 26 Nov 2020

Course Fee

USD 3,750.00

Course Duration

5 Days


Abu Dhabi

Course Description

Product Quality is the collection of features and characteristics of a product that contribute to its ability to meet given requirements. Product quality is something companies should always emphasize. Creating quality products will continue to be the most important thing to customers. In a world where it’s hard to predict the demands of customers, this is an important concept to master.

This course intends to describe all the aspects that needs to be consider during the product quality check and the necessary actions that needs to be taken to maintain and improve the product quality.

Course Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:

  • Plan and define the product
  • Measure product quality and design and develop the product
  • Understand reliability and life of the product
  • Discuss cost of the product and assess the impact of poor quality and importance of product quality
  • Define the quality characteristics & cost of quality
  • Identify quality trends by product line
  • Trigger corrective and preventive action by assessing the feedback
  • Carryout root cause analysis by assessing and measuring failure mode

Who Should Attend?

This product quality training is designed for product/process design managers, quality managers, product/process design engineers, production engineers, process development engineers, ISO/TS internal auditors, outside and second-party auditors.

Course Agenda

Day 1:


Welcome & Introduction


Quality and risk Management systems

v  Quality management system requirements

o   Fundamentals and vocabularies of ISO 9001:2015

o   ISO 9000 family members and other standards relations

o   ISO 9001:2015 -Organization context

o   ISO 9001:2015- Leadership

o   ISO 9001:2015 -Planning

o   ISO 9001:2015 -Support

o   ISO 9001:2015 -Operation

o   ISO 9001:2015 -Performance Evaluation

o   ISO 9001:2015 -Improvement

o   Other quality management system and frameworks

v  Risk management

o   Risk management principles

o   Risk management framework

o   Risk management process

v  Business Process Maturity

o   Process assessment concepts and terminology

o   General requirement for performing process assessment

o   Process measurement frame work

o   Process reference, process assessment and maturity model

Day 2:

Quality Assurance Applying Methodologies for Launching New Products, Services, and Customer Satisfaction

v  Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Responsibilities

o   Manufacturing (Facility) Site Assessment (MSA)

o   Sourcing

o   Segmentation

o   Supplier Development

o   Role of Supplier Technical Engineer

v  Supplier Responsibilities

o   Commitment to Continual Improvement

o   Lean Manufacturing

o   Quality Operating System (QOS)

o   Certification to the International Standard and Customer Specific Requirements

o   Statistical Process Control (SPC)

o   Problem-Solving Methodology

o   Internal Audits

o   Poka-Yoke

o   Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

o   Supplier’s Perspective of APQP

o   Supplier’s Perspective on the PPAP

o   Capacity Analysis

o   Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

o   8D

Day 3:

Lean TRIZ methodology (LTM) for product

v  Introduction about TRIZ Body of Knowledge

v  Introduction to LTM

v  Five Special LTM Methodologies

v  Starting an LTM Program

v  Phase I—Identifying the Opportunities

v  Phase II—Preparing for the Workshop

v  Phase III—Conducting the Workshop

v  Phase IV—Implementing the Change (Recommendations)

v  Phase V—Measuring Results and Rewards/Recognition

Day 4:

Quality Function Deployment (Japanese Model) for product

v  Quality Function Deployment definitions, model, and history

v  Strategic Matrices and Customer Analysis

v  Quality Function Deployment from Product Characteristics to Pre-production

v  Quality Function Deployment analytics

v  Quality Function Deployment cases and lesion learned

Day 5:

Innovation and Product Management

v  Fundamentals of Innovation and Product Management

o   Corporate Success Through Market Driven Innovation

o   Integrated Innovation and Product Management

o   The Front End of Innovation

o   Innovation Strategy

v  Process of Innovation and Product Management

o   Idea Management and Open Innovation

o   Creativity Techniques

o   Product Concept

o   The New Product Development

o   Life Cycle Management

v  Innovation and Product Management: Broadening the Topic

o   Organization and Uncertainty (Risks)

o   Globalization and Innovation

o   Service Engineering and Management

o   Design

v  Case Studies & Recap

Post-Test & End of the Course

Assessment Methodology

All courses conducted by LEARN WELL are begun with a written Pre-evaluation and end with Post-evaluation. Instructor will evaluate the knowledge and skills of the participants in accordance to the feedback given by participants. Both Pre & Post-Test evaluated results are comprised in the END OF COURSE REPORT submitted to the client’s training department. This proactive method will help to recognize the benefits and knowledge gained by participants through the course.

Training Methodology

Facilitated by a highly industrially experienced specialist; this program will be conducted as an extensively interactive methods, encouraging participants to share their own experiences and apply the program material to real-life work situations in order to stimulate group discussions and improve the efficiency of the subject coverage. Percentages of the total course hour classification are:

v  30%  Theoretical lectures, Concepts and Role Play

v  30%  Work Presentation and Techniques

v  20%  Case Studies and Practical Exercises

v  20%  Topic General Discussions with Relevant Videos

Course Manual

Participants will be handed by a comprehensive reference manual. This colored manual is a compilation of core valuable information, references, presentation methods and inspiring reading materials in soft formats.

Course Certificate

At the completion of the Course, all Participants who successfully accomplished the required contact hours will receive Learn Well Achievement Certificate as a testimony to their commitment to professional development and further education.

Why Learnwell ?

  • Industry Experienced; Internationally Qualified Trainers
  • Hands-on Practical Sessions & Assignments
  • Intensive Study materials
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Realistic training methodology
  • High-Quality Training in Affordable Course Fees
  • Achievement Certificate, as approved by the Ministry of Education (Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education Training - ACTVET), HABC, AWS, IAOSHE, SHRM, etc.